Why I love this Keepsake Wide Awake Dress

Friday, July 14th, 2017

Why I love this keepsake wide awake dressI used to be an impulsive shopper but now I’ve become savvy enough to buy less with better quality. My closet is still overflowing with a bunch of clothes I’m saving for……uh, special occasions like dates and fancy parties. The problem is I keep buying clothes for dressy events and not for everyday wear. So I’ve decided to buy clothes that can be versatile enough for a trip to the grocery store and for the after work party at a fancy lounge. And no, this dress is definitely not for the grocery store trip. Let me tell you why I love this Keepsake wide awake dress and why I bought it as soon as it I saw it.

1)  It’s navy. I have enough black in my closet so it’s a welcome addition.

2) Sheer lace and ruffles! If you saw my post yesterday, you’ll know why.

3) The cute factor. This dress is just screaming for compliments from random strangers.

4) I know I’m not going to get bored easily in this dress. I mean look at those sleeves!

5) The cure for date night woes. You know when you’re spending 2 hours before a date deciding what to wear? Every girl wants to choose something that is classy and pretty and this dress is the answer.

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