Why dating apps are not the problem

Sunday, March 19th, 2017

why using dating apps are not the problem you're not finding loveIf you’re using dating apps and are about to give up, remember that it’s not technology or swiping left that is the problem. It’s the people and how they’re approaching relationships now. Think of the last date you have? If you’re a millennial like me, you were probably left being disappointed by someone you thought you had great chemistry, only to be ghosted.

Many of my friends are using dating apps like tinder and bumble and yet they found no luck. One of them said it’s because guys have so many options these days. Partly true but so do girls.

But I believe the biggest reason is we have forgotten how to treat each other like human. Once you start treating people as disposables, you have no problem feeling indifferent towards emotions. When someone gets vulnerable with you or gets comfortable around you, you immediately get distant. Why? Because you get scared. You’re afraid of being close to someone and to actually care. And it’s sad to see how many people choose to ignore something that could turn out to be real and amazing.

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