Things I do on a first date

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

First dates have a potential to be incredibly awkward so what I like to do is to prepare myself mentally as much as possible. I always like to talk to the guy on the phone before I meet him. One of the reasons why I do that is because I’m curious what his voice sounds like (Does he sound friendly? Does he seem like he has a good sense of humor? Does he have a good grasp on current events?) and if we can have a good conversation on the phone, I feel more comfortable meeting with him. Sometimes my dates are spur of the moment while I’m out shopping or a planned date with a place and a time. Whatever the case, here are the things I do on a first date:

1. I make an effort to look nice and be presentable. That means, even if a date is a walk on a beach, I wear a nice top and a skirt or a dress. No flip flops or tank tops!

2. I don’t look at my phone during the entire date except to look at directions or to call a cab.

3. I make my date laugh by being silly and talking about random funny stories.

4. I always ask my date questions about how he spends his time and his hobbies.

5. I take my dates to my favorite spots whether it’s a restaurant or a museum. (I don’t do that to all the dates though. Only the guys that I feel like I can trust.)

6. If I like my date, I will initiate light touching on their shoulders or on their hands. And I wouldn’t mind them touching me either. However, if I’m not physically attracted to my date, I keep my distance and hope he gets the hint through my body language.

7. I offer to split the check because it’s the polite thing to do. Sometimes I don’t offer because the guy seems like a pretty dominant person who likes to take charge and I feel that he might get offended if I do.

8. If my date has a car and he opens the door for me, I give him A++++ in my head. Small gestures like opening a car door for a girl means a lot to me.

9. I make my intentions clear to my date that I’m not interested in a hookup.

10. As a hopeless romantic, a part of me wishes that my first date turns out to be the love of my life and if he doesn’t, I’ll be a little sad but that won’t discourage me from going out on another¬†first date who might be the one, my forever love, whoever he is and wherever he is right now.

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