The beautiful necklace I’m obsessed with from Aurate NY

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

I think jewelry is an important part of your outfit and I don’t personally feel complete unless I put on my favorite ring or a necklace. I love jewelry that is timeless, modern and elegant. But for a lot of girls, jewelry is expensive and something we can only admire from shop windows. Then one day, I discover a company called Aurate NY on instagram. At first, I was impressed by their beautiful pictures and then I dug a little bit more about how they made their pieces. All of their pieces are hand-made to perfection and they only use the finest and ethically sourced gold materials. And it comes with a lifetime guarantee. How cool is that?!

beautiful necklace I'm obsessed with from aurate ny

I wanted to buy everything on their website to be honest but I’ll have to wait until I have a millionaire boyfriend (haha!) but I set my eyes on this particular short gold bar drop necklace. I was so excited when it arrived in a beautifully wrapped box a few weeks later and immediately put it on. The gold color is gorgeous and it can pretty much go with any outfit I choose to wear whether it’s casual or fancy.

beautiful necklace I'm obsessed with from aurate ny

Check out their amazing collection and follow them on instagram @auratenewyork for inspiration on how to style their lovely pieces. If you’re fan of minimalistic jewelry like I am, you’ll also be a fan of their brand!

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