How to appear less dead on a Monday morning at work

Monday, April 23rd, 2018

How to appear less dead on a Monday morning at work

Do you remember the scene in the movie “Frozen” when Anna woke up from bed? Her hair is a mess and she’s drooling? Yeah, I can totally relate to her because that’s what I struggle with it the morning and I’m glad no one’s around to see how many times I hit the snooze button. I almost fell asleep while writing this post because that’s how much I hate mornings. If you like your Monday morning face, you’re probably from another planet or a Disney princess. Here is a routine I came up with to appear less dead on a Monday morning at work.

1. Wash your face with cold water
I know it’s hard on a cold morning but resist the urge to use hot water and splash cold water on your face. It’ll wake you right up and don’t forget to use a refreshing cleanser with mint or green tea.

2. Use an undereye brightener
I don’t need to tell anyone that I’m a night owl because the evidence is showing right under my eyes. I use Ole Henriksen’s banana bright eye cream which makes it possible for me to pretend I love coming to work on a Monday.

3. Put on your favorite podcast or a tv show
I don’t mean CNN unless you want a reason to be angry about something inane. Whatever it is that will put you in a good mood or a smile on your face. One of my favorite videos that always makes me laugh is Dumb Ways to Die by Metro.

4. Drink or eat something sweet and energizing
An overly cold iced tea usually does it for me in the mornings but I found this recipe for the banana chia seeds toast and I thought I would switch the butter for a sinful amount of nutella…..or just shove a spoonful of nutella in my mouth before I leave.

5. Use a face mist or a perfume 
As a final touch to my outfit before heading out to work, I like to spritz my favorite perfume or a face mist. Right now, I’m using Elizabeth Taylor’s white diamonds which is a classic scent that I love and this face mist has been my staple for a long time. It’s only 10 bucks and your coworkers will be wondering why you’re in such a good mood.


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