I hate horror movies

Saturday, October 29th, 2016

halloween2016I have an embarrassing confession to make: I still sleep with lights on. I’m the only one in my family who does this and I also don’t understand how anyone could sleep in total darkness without being scared! The ironic thing is that I’m also very curious about supernatural or paranormal things and I avidly read about ghosts encounters. But the one thing I will never, ever do is watch horror movies. I remembered when I was living at the dorms in college, my roommates decided to put on “The Exorcist” and since it was the most famous scary movie, I decided to watch it. BIG MISTAKE. Not even 10 minutes into the movie, I was checking my pulse to see if I’m still alive while my roommates were laughing! Not at me, but at the movie. I wish I have their sense of humor.

When I watch a movie, I want to feel uplifted and happy. Why would I watch a movie like the “The Ring” where I’m going to have nightmares for a month? Why would I torture myself with disturbing images? What is the point of horror movies? Why people find watching someone killed in extremely graphic gory details or creepy faces entertaining is beyond me.

This Halloween, please spare me the reruns of “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”. I’d rather be watching musicals.

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