Can you be a feminine/unfeminine girl?

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016


I’m a girl but sometimes when I look at other girls around me, I feel like I’m not being ‘girly’ enough. What I mean is that I don’t do manicure or pedicure, I don’t wear eye shadow or eyeliner, I don’t get spray tan or do my hair other than shampooing and brushing it with a comb. But I do like to splurge on clothes and I pay more attention to how I’m dressed than anything else. I wish I could be into makeup but I have zero interest in learning about how to do a cat eye or putting on nail polish. It also bleeds into other areas of my life, like interacting with romantic suitors. A guy once remarked that when I paid him compliments, I sound “As a matter of fact”. I’m a hopeless romantic but I’m also hopeless at flirting. If I catch a guy staring at me, I avoid all eye contact and sort of ran away even if I think he’s cute. Naturally, my love life is a disaster.

I think femininity is determined by each girl’s preferences and it shouldn’t be judged from the way she’s dressed or how much make up she has on her face. You can be a girl and don’t wear dresses or heels but put on nail polish and eyeliner like my sister does. Or you can be a girl and only wear tshirts and jeans. Whatever your definition of being a girl is, it’s best to accept both the feminine and unfeminine parts of who you are and embracing them to the fullest.

Summer with Warby Parker

Friday, May 20th, 2016

Now that summer is almost here and since I live in Hawaii (Jealous? Don’t be. Think of Hawaii as something you see in the beginning of the movie “The Descendents”). Am I being pessimistic? Maybe a little. Anyway, one of my favorite brands in the world, Warby Parker just came out with their summer capsule collection and it’s beautiful! I love how they’re classic and minimalistic so that you can wear them forever and be stylish wherever you go. Here are two of my favorite ones styled with the outfits I would wear with. The first one is called Roland and the second one is called Raglan. Pretty fabulous, eh? Have a lovely Friday! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Shopbop Under $100

Thursday, April 7th, 2016

If you look at shopbop at a glance, it seems like it’s out of reach for the average girl on a budget but if you look closer, shopbop offers amazing selection of affordable clothes and accessories as well. They’re having a great sale at the moment and you can get 25% off anything on their entire website until Thursday, April 7. Here are my favorite items under $100.00 on shopbop! So go on and splurge!

1) Eberjey Anouk Underwire Bra 2) RumbaTime Jane Action Against Hunger Watch 3) Le Specs Savanna Sunglasses 4) Gift Boutique Sexy Tray 5) Sperry Seaside Perforated Slip On Sneakers 6) Jules Smith Short Layered Triangle Necklace 7) Herschel Supply Co. Novel Weekender 8) CHRLDR Tres Bien T-Shirt

Shopbop Favorites

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

shopbopsale22Shopbop is having an amazing sale at the moment and you can find more information here. In the mean time, these are some of my favorites I wouldn’t mind adding to my shopping bag! 1) Mikoh Surf Tee 2) Karen Walker Deep Freeze Sunglasses 3) Ela Rae Lori Necklace 4) Same Swim Top and Bottom 5) Paige Denim High Rise Edgemont Jeans 6) Sigerson Morrison Wynne Wedge Pumps 7) Salad Love Book 8) Zhuu Good Vibes Pouch

Top 10 best online shops I discovered in 2015

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

This is definitely a long over due post but why not? Shopping for clothes online is one of my favorite things. Shopbop, ASOS, Zara, Topshop are my daily must-visit websites to check out new arrivals and while I become more selective on what I buy over the years, my growing list of online shops grew substantially and not just clothes. There are accessories, beauty products, graphic design (I’m a photoshop nerd), software, and food. Here are the top 10:

1) MLM: A beautiful online shop with minimalist style. bestof2015

2) Flynn Skye: A Boho Chic shop that sells pretty summer-ready tops and dresses.
3) Clare V Clutches: I’m a big fan of clutches and Clare V clutches are definitely my favorite. They’re stylish, practical and classic. 
4) Tokyo FactoryAll natural organic skin care line from LA that I’m obsessed with. My face glows with youth thanks to their face-masks! 
5) Rodale’s beauty selection: One of the best organic beauty selections on the web and I can always find something new to love. Right now, this body scrub from NYL is permanently in my bathroom. universe
6) The Pure Bar – When I’m craving something sweet, these healthy snacks from pure bar are my savior. purebar
7) The Restoration Hardware – One of my favorite places to browse for furniture and living. Here is the dream couch that I’m saving my money for. sofa copy8) Wanderlust + C0 – The affordable jewelry store that sells lovely pieces under $100. wander
9) M.Gemi – You would think that a quality hand-crafted shoes made in Italy is probably out of your prince range but I was surprised by how beautiful and affordable they are. As a flats devotee, these kitten heels are my favorite. viola2
10) Graphic River – If you use photoshop, you’ll probably know this great resource already but one of my favorite things to search for is photoshop action. Just click on ‘add-ons’ and you’ll spend hours marveling at all the amazing things you can do with a click of a button in photoshop. Take a look at this, you can create clouds in a photo with this actionclouds

I hope you enjoy this post! xoxoxxoxoxoxoxo

Five Organized Work Spaces to inspire your Monday

Monday, December 14th, 2015

Mondays are terrible even if you’re working at job you love. There’s something about it makes you dread going to work. But do you know what makes it a little bit easier? A clean and organized desk space!

(Source: West Elm, World Market, Tumblr, Martha Stewart Living)

Beach Babe Essentials

Sunday, December 13th, 2015

I’m the kind of person who gets bored at the beach but I do enjoy dressing in a beach attire (short shorts, maxi dress, rompers, etc). Here are a couple of things I would put on myself if I’m in the mood to be at the beach. 1) Mikoh Playsuit 2) Schutz sandals 3) Abercrombie and Fitch bikini 4) Han Kjobenhavn State sunglasses 5) Wanderlust necklace 6) Olympus EPL-7 Pen 7) 2B Rose Lip Balm 

Have a beautiful Sunday! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Shopbop’s Favorites

Sunday, November 29th, 2015

I don’t know about you guys but I’m not done shopping yet. It’s so hard to resist all these amazing discounts and sales and when you tell yourself, “That’s it. This is the last one”, another too-good-to-pass-up sale pops up and you’re down the rabbit hole all over again. One of my favorite places to shop is shopbop and they are having a sale that is going on at this moment which gives you an incentive that the more you buy, the more you save. Take up to 25% off with the code here: Shopbop Sale. (brand exclusions may apply). Oh and this is on my “wishlist” (meaning: I’m buying them all!).

1) Soludos Jason Polan x Soludos Wink Smoking Slipper 2) One Teaspoon Blue Blonde Freebird Jeans 3) MONROW oversized V Neck Tee 4) Luv Aj The Spike Flare Necklace 5) Calvin Klein Underwear 6) Salad Love Book  7) Karen Walker Special Fit Harvest Sunglasses

Weekend Outfit Inspiration

Saturday, November 14th, 2015

weekendchic Just because it’s the weekend doesn’t mean you can go outside in your sweatpants. Wearing pants that are relaxed but tailored can add an effortlessly polished look. Here are a couple of items I love to wear for the weekend! 1) T by Alexander 2) Vans sneakers   3) Demi Matte Lip Color  4) Komana Watch  5)  Daily Look striped pants 6) Illesteva sunglasses

5 outfits I would wear on a Monday

Monday, November 9th, 2015

(Source: Stylestalker, Vogue Spain, Vogue Germany)

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